Simple Shelves

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Simple Shelves

Fabric mod for 1.17 and up. Adds shelves to display items and books. Yes, it is heavily inspired by BiblioCraft, but was coded entirely independently of said mod.


  • To insert a book (or stack of books), use (right click) the book on the book shelf. To extract a book, use an empty hand on the book you want to extract.
  • You can insert up to 12 books on a book shelf, 3 per quadrant.
  • Each quadrant can hold either up to three stacks of books, or one stack of generic items. (To insert or extract a generic item, see inserting and extracting books.)
  • Hoppers can insert and extract from shelves, but only books, enchanted books, redstone books (see below), and anything that can be put on a lectern.
  • Redstone books cause bookshelves to emit strong redstone signal from their rear side. The strength of the signal depends on how many redstone books are in the slot.
  • Redstone books stack to 15. The shelf emits a redstone value equivalent to the number of redstone books in the slot with the most redstone books in it. For example, if a shelf has one stack of 7 redstone books in one slot and a stack of 12 redstone books in another slot, the shelf will emit a redstone strength of 12.
  • Redstone Books are crafted with a book and a redstone torch (shapeless).
  • Shelves come in all eight vanilla wood colors. If a mod maker wishes to add their wood color to the mix, the shelves are easily extensible. (Open an issue if you need details.)

Compatibility (Please Read)

  • Sodium is only compatible if Indium is installed. Please use the latest versions of both, otherwise all shelves will be invisible.