Simple RPG

65,033 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 4, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod add RPG mechanics to Minecraft. Killing mobs gives experience that is separate from the vanilla experience used to enchant. Gain enough experience and you earn more health and deal more damage per hit. Most of the mod is configurable.


Experience gained by killing a mob is calculated in the following steps:

  1. A value is added based on the max health (default 0.05 per half-heart) and attack damage (default 0.1 per half-heart) of the mob
  2. The above value is then multiplied by a value based on armor (default 0.1 per armor point)
  3. The value is then multiplied by a value based on difficulty (default: peaceful 0.25, easy 0.75, normal 1.0, hard 1.25, 1.5 hardcore)

The player has a default base health of 20 and gain 2 health every level plus a multiplier of 0.0075 per level. Attack damage is calculated by multiplying the base damage of the hit by the following formula:

atk * 0.1

where atk is calculated from this formula:

(1 + flat * (level - 1)) * (1 + (level - 1) * rate)

where flat and rate are values set in the config. (default 1 flat, 0.005 rate)

After that the value is then multiplied by a value based on two values set in the config. (default 0.75 base damage, 0.5 variation)


The mod also has a custom overlay that can be disabled in the config:

(The difficulty bar is not part of this mod, it is part of Scaling Health)

The XP bar is at the top of the screen, and can be moved around and resized in the config.

The mod also has a command to view the stats not shown on the overlay and view the stats of other players:

/pilotsrpg_stats [player]
/simplerpg_stats [player]

You can enable damage based experience mode. Instead of gaining experience when you kill a mob, you gain it based on damage dealt, mob health, mob armor, and mob attack from the following formula:

(damage * Damage Value) * (1 + (XP Per Health * Mob Health * 0.1)) * (1 + (XP Per Attack * Mob Attack * 0.4)) * (1 + (XP Per Armor * Mob Armor * 0.2)) * Difficulty Modifier

 where damage is the damage dealt by the player and Damage Value is a value set in the config. (default 0.13333333333333333)


Edit Dec 6, 2017: Corrected defaults to the ones in version 2.x and updated the screenshot of the overlay.


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