Simple Quests (Forge)

For the fabric version go to here


Another questing mod? Yes!
But this time its completely server sided.


This mod provides a questing system where you only need to install the mod on the server.
Quests are handled via datapacks. Head over to the wiki to see how to create a quest datapack.

Created not really for heavy modded/modpacks server but more for vanilla styled ones.


A quest is a list of task the player has to do for completion.

Supported task types are item submission, mob killing tasks, xp submission or advancement completions.


 Players can accept quest using the /simplequests show command which opens the following menu containing all registered quests:

Note this is an example menu! The mod does not provide any quests by default.


Submit tasks using /simplequests submit.


Here is a list of added commands. Each command also has an assigned permission node in form of simplequests.command.<subcommand>.

Commands are in form /simplequests <command>:

show: Shows the quest menu

accept <id>: Accept a quest with the id without using the menu

submit: Submit contents to the current active quests

current: List the current active quests

reset <id>: Reset the active quest



reload: Reloads the config file

resetCooldown <player>: Resets quest cooldowns of the player

resetAll <player>: Resets all progress made by the player


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