Simple Planes (Forge)

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NEW! Fabric version :


Currently there are furnace planes which need furnace fuel. Max bar = 1 block of coal, but the bar drains quicker the less fuel you got. 

Simply right click while you are sitting in a plane to add fuel.

When there is a little fuel left, the smoke turns black.

 How To craft the plane?

Simply step into fire and the recipe will be added to the vanilla book. Alternately there is JEI and the Images Page

Helicopter (can carry 2 players), This one is also using botania mana to power. 

There are also larger versions of planes to carry 2 entities:

 cargo plane: (up to 6 entities)


By default planes mast land straight or else both the plane and its passengers take damage. Hitting a wall too fast is also to be avoided.

Fire resistance potion is better for fire fighting.

The Plane heals up when you park.

The Plane Quick Fix Kit  works best on ground.

Using both rocket and the boost key is the best way to do 360° flip.

Backwards in the helicopter is down unless boost is pressed, in which case the helicopter slowly backs up.

You can use bows inside the plane.

The firework's explosion will hurt you.

The planes engine gets inefficient when flying fast, so plan ahead to save fuel. 


To upgrade plane, just right click with item while sitting in plane, or while sneaking next to it. 

Banner- decorative

Dragon head - Faster Plane

Folding - while costly, allows you to have the plane return to your bag with all the upgrades intact.


can shoot: arrows, fire charges and fire works


Can disperse potions, applying the affect to mobs, Grow Crops and Extinguish Fires.

Booster - not for big planes, use gunpowder

TNT - large planes and helicopters only, use flint and steel.

Floating - allows for water landing


Mod support

Currently Simple Planes mod supports Biomes O' Plenty, Oh The Biomes You'll Go, Botania, and Fruit Trees.

If you share this mod you must link to this curseforge page for download. You cannot share mod files on other websites.


FE Charging:
connect FE cable from another mod, and park the plane next to the block, wait for it to charge up.
Fueling station:
right click with bucket\ connect fluid pipe from another mod, there is a cooldown texture until it can be used again.


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