Simple Planes (Forge)

317,815 Downloads Last Updated: May 15, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Simple Planes is a mod which lets you create flying planes and helicopters with upgrades.

To understand how to use this mod, it is strongly advised to install the Patchouli mod and craft the guide book.

The only supported version is the newest forge, don't expect support for older versions!



Small plane, helicopter and a large plane




Electric and furnace

Charging station for electric engine



To upgrade an aircraft, just right click it with an item.


Banner - decorative



Shooter (dispenser) - can shoot: arrows, fire charges and fireworks


Booster - use gunpowder to boost your aircraft


TNT - large planes and helicopters only, use flint and steel to drop the TNT.


Floaty bedding - allows for water landing


Chest - storage, supports the Iron Chests mod

Mod support

Simple planes supports all properly programmed mods adding planks!



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