Simple Flight

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Simple Flight is a mod that specializes in just that – simple, intuitive and balanced flight. This mod doesn't have you flying like you would in creative mode, no, it has you flapping your wings to gain and maintain altitude or gliding from ledges and cliffs to avoid fall damage or blasting into the air with the power of a jet engine strapped to your back.

Simple Flight adds an array of enchantable, dyeable wings, gliders and jetpacks to your Minecraft experience, without any mod dependencies or world gen hassles – that's right, no billion-and-one new ores to worry about.

This mod isn't all sunshine and rainbows, however. It's not going to allow you to fly off endlessly into the sunset without a care in the world. Wings can only flap so many times per flight. Not all wings, jetpacks or even gliders will allow you to glide harmlessly to the ground without a care in the world, and a careless misstep could have the power to put an abrupt and bloody end to your little romp in Survival Land...

Good luck, Survivalist... You'll need it.

Consult the Official Minecraft Forum Thread for Crafting Recipes, Guides and Tutorials. You can also Click Here for a Sneak Peek that I've posted on my YouTube channel featuring the next update (Simple Flight 0.9).

Simple Flight requires Minecraft Forge to run. If you haven't, for some reason, yet discovered this marvelous invention, you can find it over here.

Note to server owners!: Dedicated servers need to have flight enabled in the file, otherwise players will get booted for floating too long! Using versions of Simple Flight prior to 0.6.1 will crash your server. :(


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