Simple Farming

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Uploaded Dec 15, 2019
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Version 1.2.3 (12/15/19) Forge 28.1.104

*** Make sure to backup your worlds ***

*** Install with caution! Grape leaves have been updated. Old grape leaves will be deleted! ***

-Made recipes reliant on Forge tags

-Fully implemented the brewing barrel. Alcohol can now be crafted. View the wiki for more information

-Added turnip crop 

-Added chicory and marshmallow plants

-Fixed pink dye not requiring 3 cactus fruits

-Made scarecrow slow movement 

-Reverted back to grape blocks dropping one grape

-Removed sorghum, zucchini, banana bread from making items requiring bread

-Added more colorful variants of quinoa

-Made the rotational directions of scarecrows and opuntias more natural when placed

-Added potato knish and other various meals

-Added distinct model to cassava crop to stop confusion with carrots

-Added distinct texture for casserole and gratin meals

-Made turnip capable of breeding pigs

-Made grape leaves drop sticks when broken

-Fixed crash when right clicking non ageable entities

-Changed method for dropping fruits from trees

-Tinted fruit leaves and sapling to be a more natural shade of green

-Updated de_de.json

-Updated ru_ru.json

-Updated uk_ua.json

-Updated es_es.json