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Simple Drying Racks


Simple Drying Racks is a mod to bring the drying rack functionality from tinkers construct without the full tool rework.

You can use the drying racks to display items or create jerky from each raw meat item.



The crafting recipe is simply three wooden slabs horizontally next to each other.

crafting recipe


From rotten flesh and all raw meat (and fish) items you can create jerky. All jerky recovers two drumsticks and takes two minutes to craft.



You can configure the crafting recipes by adding or removing new recipes. The recipes are formatted like this:

 "<crafting duration in ticks>;<input item name>;<output resource location>"

 So for example if you want to configure a recipe to create dried kelp from kelp with a crafting time of 1 minute it would look like this:




Q. Can I use this mod in my modpack?

A. Yes! Feel free to add Simple Drying Racks to your modpack, just add credits.


Q. Are backports for versions before 1.19 planned?

A. No, since the older codebases are completely different to the current minecraft codebase its too much work for a small personal project.