Simple Coins

2,220 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2  

Main Items and Blocks Added

  • Iron Coin
  • Gold Coin
  • Mint Block 
  • Banker Villager Added - Can trade coins to emeralds
  • Bank Building added to Villages
  • Coins appear in loot chests


Expands the trading experience with two coins, a mint, and a new villager.


  • Install Latest Forge Version
  • Run Minecraft
  • Download Simple Coins and place the jar file in .minecraft/mods folder


This is my first mod and I'm testing the waters for Minecraft mod creation with something simple. Trying to learn the basics down and hopefully maybe add more advanced features to this mod in the future.
If you're interested I started a blog throughout the headaches of making this mod and other projects.


Minecraft Forge Mod Link


Blog Link


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