Simple Chest Locker

1,663 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod allows you to lock your chests (and not only chests!)


How it works:
1. Craft a key

2. Rename it in the anvil to your password

3. Shift + right click on the block to lock it!


Shift + right-clicking with any key will unlock the block (only if you are the owner of it)


Locked blocks are unbreakable by any means (explosions, fire, others)
only the owner of the block can destroy it or someone who holds a key in their main hand (or you can unlock it with the key and then break it)


There is also a ender key that works the same way just it allows you to randomize the passowrd (bt right-clicking in the air)  upon linking to a block (a link is created when you lock the block with the key)
Otherwise it works the same as a normal key


Maybe I will add a config option for this

A full list of lockable blocks:
Brewing Stand

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