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Hi, I'm jsit and I made a little mod. It's a camp fire, a single use item that cooks food at an accelerated rate and will cook overnight if you sleep.



Step 1: Craft the campfire with sticks and logs. Place it in the world. Be careful, it is hot.


Step 2: Right click with uncooked food to add it to the fire. Right click with the same uncooked food to add more to the fire (up to a full stack). Any time you right click the fire you will take completed, cooked food off the fire. Right click the fire with an empty hand to pull the uncooked food out as well.


Step 3: Let the fire burn. The fire will continue to cook for 7 continuous Minecraft hours (about 6 minutes). That is long enough to cook just over 1 stack of 64 food. If you sleep the full night the fire will be completely burned out by the time you wake. Once the fire burns out (or you break it) the remaining food will be spit out into the world and a pile of ash will be left behind.



Other info:

The idea of this mod was to enhance early to mid game exploration.

The inner workings:

  -  Cooks 1 item every 100 ticks.  Twice as fast as a furnace.

  -  It checks for time jumps with both WorldTime and TotalWorldTime and cooks accordingly for those time jumps.

  -  Despawns after being loaded for 7000 ticks or either of the times have changed by 7000 ticks.

  -  Will accept any item that has a smelting recipe that results in a food item.  (instanceof ItemFood).



Modpack policy:


Please use it.  Let me know how it goes.




v1.2 (1.12/1.12.1)

- Added a config file.

- Config file allows customization of the burnout time (including disabling burnout).

- A whitelist can now be enabled in the config to allow other items to function in the camp fire (ore, wood, food from mods that do their food items weird, etc).  Default behavior can even be disabled so ONLY whitelist items can be added to the camp fire.

- A blacklist can now be enabled to exclude items that would normally function on the camp fire by default (or by whitelist if you're so inclined).


v1.1 (1.12 only)

- Added custom texture for the ends of the logs to get rid of the resolution disparity.



- Fixed a texture

- Added a tooltip so the item makes some sense if it is discovered via JEI if anyone puts it in a modpack.

- Correctly set version info in and @Mod.



- Broke the sleeping/time jump mechanic in v0.2.  Fixed it.  Archived v0.2.

- Put together a 1.11.2 version.



- Works with foods from other mods for any food that can be cooked in a furnace.

- Furnace recipes that return multiple items now return correctly in the camp fire but if the cooked food stack is full it dumps the remainder into the world.




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