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Silly Stuff



This is a Mod Of all sorts of random things i can come up with, i try to keep it good quality tho!

Suggestions Welcome! img

Catchme_96 made a showcase of the mod


Currently, this mod adds:

  • Ani-Gro
    • This item allows you to grow animals instantly
  • Better Scaffolding
    • A cheap block that, when the player is crouching while breaking it will break all connected scaffolds** it also has some special placing behaviour when sneaking
  • Illuminated Better Scaffolding
    • Better Scaffolding but it emits light
  • Accelerator
    • When in a configurable range of a beacon with the speed effect, this block will speed up the block in front of it
  • Boiled Sweet Berries
    • This Makes those berries a viable food source
  • Recall Pearl
    • Shift click to store your Current position and then click with it to teleport back there
  • Hammers, Excavators and Great Axes
    • Like Pickaxes, Shovels and Axes but they break a 3x3 areas
  • Emerald on a Stick
    • Villagers will follow you around if you have this in your hand