So I heard you were talking crap about Minecraft's difficulty?


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The mod is fully configurable to enable only changes that you like (no exception, see Changelog)

Configs have been reworked (again) to make them clearer. A mob can be found in its most significant category only (ex: endermite in end, instead of arthropod)

Make sure to copy your old config somewhere to remember how you setted up!



sihywtcamc: So I Heard You Were Talking Crap About Minecraft's Combat? (basically a combat update). Increase pleasure using both of these mods!



This mod aims to increase Minecraft's difficulty. Basically, almost every hostile mob has been reworked, from small changes to huge ones. Some of them are inspired by the Bedrock edition which is a bit different (and often harder) than the Java one. Although we've changed almost every mob already, feel free to ask for new features or changes in the comment section. Indeed, don't hesitate to share your experience and tell me if you think I should change values about spawning etc to make the experience better =)

For a short overview of the mod, you can check this video. Thank you @bstylia14 !

Mobs: You don't scare me

* Mobs that have a flee entity goal don't flee if the entity has less than half health

* So this applies to skeleton, witch, creeper, ... This also apply to phantoms even though it's not a flee goal

* Most hostile mobs are now hostile to villagers

* This includes the same than before + spiders (hostile only at night), skeletons, strays, and witches


Arthropods: Sneaky sneaky

* Don't get fall damage

* Larvae (silverfish and endermite) spawn with a bonus speed multiplying their speed up to 1.5 depending on local difficulty

* Silverfishes are infesting the whole overworld (more than in mountains, below 0), and so mountains are even more infested than before


Zombie: I'm already dead

* Steal life on attack

* Have a natural knockback resistance

* Leader zombies are now split into leader and siege ones, with different bonuses

* Can spawn as a brainless zombie, that won't attack unless you attack them

  * Leader: 5-10% spawn chance, increased health and spawn reinforcement

  * Siege: 10-15% spawn chance, can break doors

  * Brainless: 25-20% spawn chance, no target goal

  * Normal ones: 60-55% spawn chance

Husk: The Unburnt, The Breaker of Chains, The Mother of Dragons, ... Wait? I meant I can't burn
* Is no longer affected by fire damages, but still seems on fire

* Still get damage from being in lava

Drowned: Water is my world
* Spawns more often with a trident, 15% as in Bedrock version (was 6.66%)
* Increased velocity in water

* Baby drowned can spawn riding a guardian (10 to 20% chance)

* Better swimming animation


Creeper: Bim bam BOOM

* Don't get damage from explosions. Instead, they ignite

* Its explosion deals mining fatigue and weakness effects, duration depending on your distance with the creeper

Skeleton: Stay within reach, don't move, perfect!
* Runs away from the player

* Knows a bit how to swim
* Those previous changes also apply to stray

Have 5% chance to spawn with spectral arrows only

Stray: I said "don't move"
* Deals slowness 2 instead of 1

* Shoots freezing arrows

Enderman: Look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide
* Player gets blindness (7.5 seconds) when staring at an enderman for the first time, aka when you aggro an enderman by staring at it. You won't get the effect if you stare at them again, or if you aggro them without staring at them.


Endermite: Infested
* Chorus plants are infested with endermites

Spider: The Mother of Dragons, ... Wait, still not?
* Can spawn other weaker spiders on death, their number depends on local difficulty
* 1/10 chance to spawn weaker spiders. 3-5 spawned on lowest difficulty, 6-8 on highest difficulty
* Weaker spiders are babies that deal half damage and have half health
* This change doesn't apply to cave spider

* Adults can spit webs at targets that spawn a messy cobweb on collision with an entity

* Messy cobweb can't be placed on water, so you're immune on water

* Messy cobweb despawns after 5 to 10s and don't drop strings


Cave spider: I'm a cave spider, not a mineshaft spider

* Cave spider can spawn naturally in caves. The deeper they try to spawn, the most possible it is for them to really spawn. They can spawn in group of 1 to 3. Note that they may not spawn at all using 1.18 preview datapack, as it override every mob spawn in biomes.

* Cave spider jockey has a slight chance to spawn (can't spawn from a cave spider spawner!)

* Can spawn with 1 more size depending on local difficulty
* Can fuse with another same-sized slime on collision if their size is small or normal (1 or 2)

* Can fuse only once, its children won't be able to fuse again

* This change doesn't apply to magma cube


Magma cube: This - cube is on fiiiiiiire
* Sets on fire on collision, fire duration depends on size

Guardian: I'm the master of my sea, oh ooh
* Can spawn naturally (rarely, like dolphins)

Phantom: Don't turn on the light
* Can target through blocks

* Can fly through blocks

* Is repelled by light (luminance level 10 or higher)
* Translucent model

Wither skeleton: The Mother of... Okay I stop
* Can spawn as a baby (1/5 spawn rate)

* Is fire resistant (but not immune to lava, same than husks)

* Can spawn holding a bow if adult (25% chance), so they will shoot flame arrows

* Carry a netherite sword instead of a stone one

Blaze: This - blaze is on fiiiiiireeee
* Sets entities on fire on attack, if is on fire

Ghast: Size doesn't mat...
* Has 3 times their normal health

Piglin: Taking my gold on my riiiiiide, oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
* Can spawn riding a hoglin, spawn rate depending on local difficulty

* Are hostile to players who don't wear full golden armor

* You can choose how many pieces of golden armor you need to wear in the configs

Pillager: Harder, better, faster, stronger
* Can (1/4 chance) have a speed bonus depending on local difficulty (up to 69%)
* Increased chance for piercing enchant on their crossbow

Evoker: It's a kind of magic
* Immune to arrows
* Has 1.5 times their normal health


Vex: It's a kind of magic
* Can spawn naturally in dark forest

* Dies if its summoner dies


Illusioner: Resist! Prove that you exist

* Have 40% chance to spawn in mansions when an evoker does

* If it spawns, it has 80% chance to replace the associated evoker and 20% to spawn with it

Vindicator: Run Forrest, run!
* Can (1/5 spawn rate) have a speed bonus depending on local difficulty (up to 42%)

* Can spawn in patrols instead of a pillager


Ravager: So do I

* Can spawn in patrols if a vindicator failed to spawn (slighter chance), with a pillager riding it or not

Witch: Stay away from me
* Flees the player
* Slightly increased spawn rate

Shulker: Be careful to your eyes
* Applies blindness (5 seconds) with their projectiles

Wither: I'm the Boss
* Has more health (400 instead of 300, Bedrock has 600)
* Spawns (once) 3-4 wither skeletons on half health (number depends on local difficulty) as in Bedrock




- Why didn't you change creepers? Because there already is a mod updating exclusively creepers that is quite good to play with: Creeper AI Updated

- Does it work on a server? Yes, it works on a server. File needed for both client and server

- Can I include it in my modpack? Yes, you are free to include this mod into your modpack

- For any other things: Feel free to share your experience, problems (prefer the Issue link instead of Comment, but it's okay too), enhancement ideas... down in the comment section

- [NEW] Discord link!

Known compatibility issues

- No known compatibility issue.




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