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This mod makes Minecraft as it should be: hardcore, harsh, moderately realistic and unforgiving.
Feel the real survival mode! Warning: very hardcore mod! :)

This mod does not contain much new content, but it changes the vanilla mechanics of the game in almost all its aspects, making the survival mode more complicated and exciting, giving value to everything that you have in the game.

Русский туториал и Wiki (Russian community)

Вступайте в группу Вконткте. Там же и самые свежие релизы.

This version of the mod was tested many times by many people and already more than playable. Because it is already possible to boldly play!


Key features of the mod:

  • Starting the game is always in the depths of a cold biome
  • Inventory weight
  • Player and environment temperature
  • New sophisticated health regeneration system
  • New sophisticated mining system using TNTs
  • Reinforced Monsters
  • New blocks, items, effects, charms, etc.
  • Many other changes complicating the game...

Tutorial and Wiki

Tutorial: First start

Be sure to read this page!


History of the creation

Who remembers the first beta version of Minecraft, know what it was moderately challenging and interesting game. But time passes, and with it, Minecraft is becoming more and more arcade and casual game.

And what should now those who do not like easy ways do? Correctly, to play in SiberiaMod: D The main idea of the mod was to make the game difficult, affecting all its main aspects.

For example, I wanted to add to the game the weight of objects, in order to strongly limit the inventory and give importance to the transportation of things by minecart and not only.

I also wanted to add a temperature (currently only cold) in order to force players to build warm rooms and wear warm clothes.

I would also like to make a big change in the mining of resources, to make the process more time-consuming, and sometimes problematic.

Together with this, it was necessary to give special importance and value to the health and life of the player, so that his actions were more careful and considered.

Well, more important is to strengthen the monsters, adding them new features and changing some features.


Some screenshots


Campfire. The first and only source of heat, light, and also a means for cooking. Irreplaceable at the beginning of the game. It dries during rain / snow.

Campfire GUI

The campfire interface is similar to the stove. According to the functional - this is the same oven, but with a reduced by 4 times cooking time and reduced recipes (only food is available in the basics)


Flax. Without it, nowhere. From the flax, strings are made. Threads are needed everywhere: tools, weapons, bandages, armor, etc. It grows everywhere, but only in a checkerboard pattern. You can find it in the same place where the wheat seeds.


Storage. Very convenient alternative to chests. They do not need to craft. You just click the LMB, for example, the cobblestones on the ground to this place was a storage with a rock.


Furnace. Yes, the furnace is now multi-block and is built from a special furnace block. To build it is not so easy, because you need a lot of cobblestone and clay. Requires open access to the sky, and also does not work in mines.


Barricades. Like the web, but still cause damage. Helps protect you from the attacks of mobs in the beginning of the game. Cheap to manufacture.


Upcoming Features

  • New monsters features
  • Custom complicated enchantment table
  • More storages
  • New Siberian monsters
  • Update to 1.12+
  • And many other things...


Mod Pack Policy

You have permission to include the SiberiaMod in any mod pack, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Let me know about including SiberiaMod in the mod pack
  • Provide a link to this forum post
  • Properly credit the author, iZerus
  • You cannot make any money off of the mod pack
  • Remove the mod from your pack if I specifically request it


Suggestions and Bug reports

Mod in the alpha testing phase. Use the Issues tracker for suggestions and bug reports.
Only together we can make the mod better!


P.S. English is not my native language, so please be kind to my mistakes.


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