Shulker Loader

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This mod takes items you pick up and puts them into an offhand shulker box if there is space. It behaves just like a normal inventory and is extremely useful for resource gathering.



Gather large amounts of resources from a farm or mining session and instantly put them into an offhand shulker box. This can be accomplished by simply filling all the slots of a shulker box with the filter item(s) you are mining.



1. Place an empty shulker box in your offhand and start picking up items. The items will be redirected from the player inventory into the shulker inventory.

2. Fill an empty shulker box with the items you would like to gather. Empty shulker slots will store any pickup item. Then, simply place the shulker in your offhand and watch as the items flow into your shulker!



  • For client side: Download the jar and place it in "../.minecraft/mods"
  • For server side: Download the jar and place it in "../server-version/mods" (if on a server, this mod is server-side only)



This project is vanilla-friendly so it will not affect your world if installed or uninstalled.




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