Should Probably Have A Recipe (SPHAR)


Sphar is a quality of life mod aiming to add recipes to items that should probably have them. Currently this mod adds 6 recipes for vanilla based items and only adds 4 new items. The recipes are for the Trident, Saddle, and Enchanted Golden Apple. The items the mod adds are the Elder Guardian Spike (Dropped from Elder Guardians), the Quartz Infused Spike, the Trident Forks and the Trident Shaft, 3 of which are crafted with items found in Vanilla Minecraft. There are only these recipes for now and a port to 1.18 and 1.19 are currently in the works. The mod does currently have support with JEI, but other recipe mods have not been tested. The new recipes can be found below, but beyond that, I hope you enjoy the mod :D




Trident Recipe (Smithing Table)
Trident Recipe



Trident Forks Recipe (Crafting Table)
Trident Forks Recipe



Trident Shaft Recipe (Crafting Table)
Trident Shaft Recipe



Quartz Infused Spike Recipe (Smithing Table)



Enchanted Golden Apple Recipe (Crafting Table)
Enchanted Golden Apple Recipe



Saddle Recipe (Crafting Table)
Saddle Recipe