Shock Metal

3,197 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Feedback - I would like some feedback on the latest release in terms of balance or any other areas, please leave a comment here or on GitHub if you have any suggestions, Thank you for you help!



This mod will add a new material to the game called Shock Metal with special properties (WIP). It is a material tiered above diamond.


The current version has:

  • Material with ore, ingot and block
  • Tools and Armour (Pickaxe has mining level one above diamond)
  • Basic integration with Thermal Expansion
  • Full Integration with Tinkers' Construct allowing tool construction with Shock metal material

I plan to soon add a few more objects, abilities and nifty blocks in the future that will integrate with popular tech mods (and maybe magic).


Change Log here


Further information can be found on the Wiki here


You have my permission to use my mod in mod packs


This is my first mod so any advice would be appreciated! Any Issues / suggestions please submit a ticket on GitHub.

Further Licensing info can also be found on github.


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