Shields Plus

3,061 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.13

A Rift mod for Minecraft 1.13 which adds shield materials types and enchantments.


This mod adds five new shields.


Wooden Shield:


Stone Shield:

Iron Shield:

Gold Shield:


Diamond Shield:



This mod also adds two enchantments for the new shields:


This enchantment will reflect the damage that would have been dealt to the wielder back onto the attacker. Reflection I will reflect 45% of the damage, Reflection II will reflect 65%, Reflection III 85%, and Reflection IV 105%.


This enchantment causes the shield to absorb the damage it takes from attackers to be released in a violent explosion. After reaching its absorption capacity, the shield will begin to glow bright purple(see image below). When the wielder double right-clicks the shield will release all the stored energy in an explosion only dealing damage to other entities (including friendlies*). The higher the enchantment level, the faster it takes to reach its absorption capacity.


* Be warned: the explosion can easily kill any unprotected pets or loved ones in its vicinity.




  • Enchantments can only be applied to the added shields and not to the vanilla shield. (likely to remain the case)


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