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Sharp Bone Crafting

This is a quite small mod that features the sharp bone item from PrimalCore. It is very simply a bone crafted with a block of stone or flint, etc, to sharpen it into a usable weapon.

In time other bone items will get added as well as the in-world crafting feature from Primal.


SharpBone may be included in any mod pack in so long as the pack and it's distribution is Not Monetized.

If you are already using PrimalCore this mod will not add any items to the game as the content is already included.


Report Issues on Github, Join Us on Discord for a chat or to play on the Primal Dev Server. 

Donate through support is greatly appreciated and will help keep the mod alive

ModPack PolicySharpBone may be included in any mod pack as long as the pack and its distribution abides by the Minecraft EULA. 


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