A small coremod to patch some longstanding issues in SevTech Ages that either could not be resolved in another fashion, or in mods which are at end of life.



Patches SimpleHarvest. Firing of HarvestDropsEvent moved to after the point at which the decision is taken to harvest.

Without this patch, SimpleHarvest fires the HarvestDropsEvent before deciding if it intends to break the block, allowing mods such as AstralSorcery or IndustrialForegoing to consume the drops array before deciding not to take any action.


Patches InControl. Changes the priority of InControl's LivingDropsEvent handler to LOW (was LOWEST). Whilst this change can't be made to InControl due to compatibility issues in other contexts, no compatibility issues have yet been found in SevTech.

This allows mods which wish to consume the drops array to do so after InControl has made the desired changes.


Patches Immersive Engineering. This patch adds an additional check to the onEntityCollision handler of the metal press. The metal press will no longer pick up 'EntityItem's, but will accept all derived classes.

This prevents the metal press from picking up from the temporary vanilla item entity before Real Drops replaces it with its own entity.


Patches Astral Sorcery and Minecraft. There are two components to this patch. The first alters Astral's hooks to use integer enchantment IDs. The second component reapplies Astral's ASM patches using Mixins as otherwise they are overwritten by JEID.

This restores functionality to the Resplendent Prism, though in an ideal world the first component of this patch would be handled by JEID, whilst the second would be unnecessary if JEID didn't use an overwrite mixin.


Patches Galacticraft Core. In the method BlockBasic#getPickBlock, Galacticraft retrieves the blockstate from the world rather than using the state passed in to the method. This leaves it incompatible with Scannable which does not pass in the BlockPos when calling Block#getPickBlock. This patch simply removes the call to World#getBlockState, replacing it with the state from the argument.

Just A Few Fish Augmentation (JAFFA)

A set of three patches to JAFF which together serve to implement vanilla spawning mechanics.

  • Removes JAFF's own spawn loop
  • Register vanilla spawns and placement types
  • Implement EntityFish#isNotColliding, overriding EntityAnimal's implementation which prevents spawning in water.