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A small server utility to reset a Minecraft world from a template stored on a directory.


Use with caution and always have a backup of your server and worlds.


A template world or worlds should be stored on a directory in the running server, for example \<path_to_server>\world_templates\world1


The configuration file contains the following parameters:

  • number_of_worlds. Indicates how many worlds will be processed on the TEMPLATES section.
  • reset_on_start. Defaults to false, Indicates whether to reset all worlds on start. Defaults to false. Can be set to true in game with the command sw_resetonstart, or to false with the command sw_noresetonstart

For each world according to what is set in the parameter number_of_worlds, and starting from 0, you need to indicate the world directory name and the template directory name using paths relative to where the server is running, for example:

  • world_dir0=saves\\New World
  • world_template0=world_templates\\New World

The previous would restore the "New World" template, located in the world_templates directory to the "New World" in the saves directory.


The commands are:

  • sw_resetonstart. If executed, next time the server starts, the world will be restored from a template.
  • sw_noresetonstart. If executed, next time the server starts, the worlds won't be reset.
  • sw_stop. It stops the server, but can be executed by a command block, you can also indicate time in milliseconds for the server to stop, for example: sw_stop 1000, will stop the server in one second after the command was executed.


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