Sequential Cheeses

663 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 10, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

Ever wanted an easy source of food in Minecraft. Well now you can. Just milk your favorite cow and grab one of your least valuable minerals and slap them together. Cheeses include:

  • Cheddar with Charcoal (coal) = 2 Hunger Bars
  • Parmesan (iron) = 4 Hunger Bars
  • Cheddar (gold) = 6 Hunger Bars
  • Blue Gorgonzola (diamond) = 8 Hunger Bars
  • Fresh Cheese (emerald) = Full Hunger (10)
  • Grilled Cheese = Full Hunger and Saturation
  • Babybel = 5 Hunger Bars

Each of these fill a greater amount of hunger, hence the name Sequential Cheeses.



To craft the cheeses you will need one milk bucket and one mineral (coal,iron,gold,diamond,emerald).

To craft grilled cheese you will need 2 bread, 1 parmesan, and 1 fire charge

To craft Babybel you will need 1 wax, 1 parmesan, and 1 paper.

To craft wax, you will need 1 seed and 1 redstone.

To craft the blocks, you will need 9 of a certain cheese.


Feel free to give me any ideas.


 I probably will make a mod review soon since it is a small mod.


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