Selim's Random Things

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Some random features I decided to add.  Some are my own ideas, some came from friends, but most from /r/minecraftsuggestions.


Please note:  Until the 1.10.2 version of the mod is no longer being maintained, the 1.11.x version(s) will rarely (if ever) be getting new features.  Bugfixes might occur, depending on severity and the complexity of the fix.


Current Features:

1.10.2 - 1.11

  • Block and Mob Shifting items
  • New enchantments
  • Glowing Grass and Dirt
  • Color changing Redstone Lamps and Glass
  • Custom Dispenser interaction
  • Blast resistant Glass
  • And more!
  • Most of this is visible with the (currently) WIP in-game documentation!


  • Mining Laser (powered by RF)
  • Block Shifter (moves blocks around)
  • Glowstone Dirt (dirt w/ bits of Glowstone in it.  Gives off light, decorative)
  • Bulletproof Glass (resistant against TNT, but not Withers)
  • Recipes for Saddles, and all horse armor
  • Rope Ladders

NOTE: Most, if not all, of these features, are configurable.

I do not mind if you include my mod in a modpack, just shoot me a PM.  I like to know when it is getting used.

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