Selective Mining


About Selective Mining

When enabled this mod disables the mining of blocks that are different from the ones you click on. Which is pretty useful when you break blocks really fast.

Why would you want this mod?


  • The mod allows players to mine with greater precision, as they can target specific blocks without accidentally mining other blocks. This can be particularly useful when mining in tight spaces or when trying to preserve the surrounding environment, for example when using shears to get vines.


  • By allowing players to mine only the blocks they want, the mod can help increase mining efficiency. Players can focus on mining valuable resources without wasting time and durability on unwanted blocks.


  • Easily switch the selective mining feature on or off with a keybind. This flexibility is perfect for quickly adapting to different mining situations, whether you're focusing on specific resources or doing general excavation.


This mod comes disabled and without a key bind, you have to set your own key bind in controls to toggle the mod.

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