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Filename [1.7.10] SecurityCraft v1.8.13.jar
Uploaded by Geforce132
Uploaded Oct 28, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10   +2
Size 1.01 MB
Downloads 1,150,443
MD5 c3b8d3cc7bed916b8608af073c3b27fe
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Java 8
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  • - New: Italian translation (Thanks Chexet48!)
  • - New: Trophy System (Inspired from
  • - New: Block Pocket (Designed by Henzoid)
  • - New: The Whitelist Module can now be used with the Sentry
  • - New: Button to clear the Username Logger logged players list
  • - New: Reinforced Stone Pressure Plate (Only the owner and whitelisted users can press it, can be used to open Reinforced Iron (Trap-)Doors)
  • - New: [1.12.2+] The Smart Module now works for Security Cameras, enabling others to view cameras at a fixed angle
  • - New: [1.13.2+] Reinforced blocks
    • Stripped Oak Log, Stripped Spruce Log, Stripped Birch Log, Stripped Jungle Log, Stripped Acacia Log, Stripped Dark Oak Log, Stripped Oak Wood, Stripped Spruce Wood, Stripped Birch Wood, Stripped Jungle Wood, Stripped Acacia Wood, Stripped Dark Oak Wood, Oak Wood, Spruce Wood, Birch Wood, Jungle Wood, Acacia Wood, Dark Oak Wood, Prismarine Slab, Prismarine Brick Slab, Dark Prismarine Slab, Smooth Quartz, Smooth Red Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone, Smooth Stone, Prismarine Stairs, Prismarine Brick Stairs, Dark Prismarine Stairs
  • - New: [1.13.2+] Finnish translation (Thanks erland!)
  • - New: [1.14.4] Reinforced blocks
    • Polished Granite Stairs, Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs, Mossy Stone Brick Stairs, Polished Diorite Stairs, Mossy Cobblestone Stairs, End Stone Brick Stairs, Smooth Sandstone Stairs, Smooth Quartz Stairs, Granite Stairs, Andesite Stairs, Red Nether Brick Stairs, Polished Andesite Stairs, Diorite Stairs, Polished Granite Slab, Smooth Red Sandstone Slab, Mossy Stone Brick Slab, Polished Diorite Slab, Mossy Cobblestone Slab, End Stone Brick Slab, Smooth Sandstone Slab, Smooth Quartz Slab, Granite Slab, Andesite Slab, Red Nether Brick Slab, Polished Andesite Slab, Diorite Slab
  • - New: [1.14.4] New Secret Sign types (spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak)
  • - New: [1.14.4] Secret Sign text can now be dyed
  • - New: [1.14.4] Support for Public Gui Announcement
  • - Change: The Motion Activated Light is now triggered by mobs as well (This change includes tweaks to the attack logic that may impact other blocks, like the Portable Radar or the I.M.S., as well)
  • - Change: New Secret Sign textures
  • - Fix: Inventory Scanner ignores contents of Shulker Boxes
  • - Fix: Portable Radar does not update redstone signal correctly when Redstone Module is installed
  • - Fix: Installed modules do not drop when destroying block with Universal Block Remover
  • - Fix: [1.7.10,1.12.2] SecurityCraft Manual does not correctly display items with metadata
  • - Fix: [1.12.2+] Misc. crashes
  • - Fix: [1.12.2+] Taser can be duplicated using offhand slot (Thanks Boreaus!)
  • - Fix: [1.12.2+] Incorrect version of the taser shows up in the creative tab and JEI
  • - Fix: [1.13.2] Reinforced Stone is unobtainable
  • - Fix: [1.13.2] Reinforcing blocks does not preserve state from vanilla block
  • - Fix: [1.13.2] Reinforced Iron Trapdoor does not behave correctly
  • - Fix: [1.13.2+] Admin Tool recipe description does not show in JEI
  • - Fix: [1.13.2+] Cannot interact with UI elements when mounted to a camera
  • - Fix: [1.13.2+] Pressing the inventory key while editing a whitelist/blacklist module closes the GUI
  • - Fix: [1.13.2+] Disguising a keypad does not work with Forge 25.0.193+
  • - Fix: [1.13.2+] Password-protected Chest is not resistant to explosions and can be broken instantly
  • - Fix: [1.13.2+] The Admin Tool's description in JEI is not working
  • - Fix: [1.13.2+] Model of activated alarm is incorrect
  • - Fix: [1.13.2+] Electrified Iron Fence loses its owner when placing specific blocks next to it
  • - Fix; [1.13.2+] Reinforced Door does not behave correctly
  • - Fix: [1.14.4] Briefcase does not save items correctly
  • - Fix: [1.14.4] Some sounds play server-wide instead of just for the players who should hear them
  • - Fix: [1.14.4] Secret Sign does not drop
  • - Removed: "/module" command. In order to interact with blacklist/whitelist modules, rightclick them
  • - Misc.: Backend improvements
  • - Misc.: [1.13.2] The minimum required Forge build is now 25.0.193

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