Searchable Containers

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Searchable Containers

Searchable containers is small client side gui mod that adds a search bar just above the players open container.

While in a container, players can use the search bar to filter certain items.
Right clicking the search bar will clear it and select it for searching.
Player's can quickly move "selected" items between inventories using the arrow buttons to the right of the search bar.
By default, button tooltips are enabled, but can be disabled in the config.
Searching by default, will only search the item's display name. Changing the config option "searchTooltips" to true, will also search the items tooltips.
The search bar can be hidden by pressing Ctrl + H while in a container. The key can be changed in options, but Ctrl will still need to be pressed.
The padding between the search bar, and the gui can be changed by editing "verticalPadding" in the config.


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