Searchable Chests

260,556 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 24, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

A client-side mod, providing functionality similar to creative mode item search within normal containers, such as Shulker Boxes, Chests, Ender Chests, Barrels, etc.

Not guaranteed to be compatible with other mods that change chest GUIs, but should work with most.



autoFocus - Whether the search bar will be focused by default when opening containers. Defaults to false.

autoSelect - Whether the contents of the search bar will be selected when it is focused. Defaults to true.

containerSize - Minimum size a container must be for a search bar to be added. Defaults to 27, size of a chest.

1.14+ Only

blacklist - Comma separated list of containers in which the search bar should be disabled. Name should be that which appears in the top left of the container's GUI.



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