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Seafoam's Dyeable Blocks

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Seafoam's Dyeable Blocks!

A Vanilla+ mod that adds the ability to dye supported blocks to any RGB color!
Now available for Minecraft 1.20.1!

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Getting Started

Paintbrush_Red Paintbrush_Orange Paintbrush_Yellow Paintbrush_Green Paintbrush_Blue Paintbrush_Purple

More Info

Read the Documentation modrinth_64h

Frequently Asked Questions | Supported Blocks | Changelog

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Version 1.4.0 is out now!

Added new dyeable blocks and a sponge for clearing dye!

##New Blocks!

  • Added Dyed Stripped Log.
  • Added Dyed Stripped Wood.

##New Items

  • Added the Dye Sponge!
    • Interact with a dyed block with a Dye Sponge in hand to return it to it's original block!


  • Fixed a bug on Forge where dyed blocks would not have their original blocks assigned correctly.