Sculk Microphone

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A Minecraft Forge mod by Towo.

Current Features

  • Sculk Sensor activation when talking into your microphone.
  • A Warden will be alerted when you speak.
  • Comparators linked to Sculk Sensors will output a redstone signal (1 to 15) based on the input volume.
  • Customisable options.
  • Configurable with commands.

Sculk activation Warden noticing player

How it works

Simply run the mod, and talk into your microphone! Any nearby sculk sensor should activate. If not, try editing your settings.


  • Microphone This options simply allows you to disable the microphone whenever you wish.
  • Sculk Threshold This value will determine at what volume level a sculk sensor will activate / a Warden will hear you. Below the button you can see a moving bar; this is your volume level.
  • Icon Whenever your volume is above the given threshold, an icon will appear on-screen. The position of the icon is configurable. This can also be disabled.
  • Input Device The device used for recording your voice.


Somethings are only configurable with commands. These are often things that affect all players in a server.

/sculkmicrophone set ...

  • /sculkmicrophone set distance [value] will set the maximum distance at which a player will have to be to voice-activate a vibration listener.
  • /sculkmicrophone set doDynamicRedstone [true|false] will enable or disable whether a redstone comparator should output a signal depending on the volume of an incoming (microphone) vibration.
  • /sculkmicrophone set defaultRedstoneSignal [value] will set the value a comparator outputs if it will not dynamically do so.

Any bug you may find or suggestion you might have, can be reported as an issue here.


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