Scud Missile Mod

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The development of this mod has been finished!

The developer group for this mod has been disbanded and is no longer active. Thank you for your patronage over the years.




  • The version for 1.7.10 has been updated.
  • The version for 1.10.2 has been updated.
  • The version for 1.12.2 has been updated.


This mod adds a ballistic missile called "Scud Missile" and a vehicle (MAZ-543) for its carrying and launching. 
It is possible to attack points 10 km - 300 km away. 

・ This mod has a chunk loading function, and it is possible to attack Ultra-long distances (Max 300 km) that we could not do in the past. 
・ You can experience simulation like car driving, weapon deployment, launch operation etc... 
・ We realized near-realistic behavior such as air resistance, air turbulence, thrust calculation. Therefore, doe tot turbulence etc., it lands off from the specified point. 

Craft recipe
Unimplemented. Enjoy in creative mode, please. 

Operating environment

Minecraft Forge10.13.4.1558  -1.7.10

Minecraft Forge12.18.3.2185 -1.10.2
Minecraft Forge14.23.4.2705 -1.12.2




How to install
Put download file into a "mods" folder. 





How to Use

Rocket launch operation
1, (1.7.10) Place the MAZ-543 transport machine with the ScudB rocket on the ground.
(1.10.2) Place the MAZ-543 transport aircraft on the ground. Click the center of the car body with the Scud B item and install the rocket.

2, right-click the center of the car body to open the window. You can press only the white button.

3, Press "Expand" to fix the car body.

4, Wait for it to turn white, press "Stand up", "Inject" in order.

5, Specify the coordinates of the target (hold down the left button of the mouse, drag the number up or down).

6, Press "Release" (Release the holding lever) and Fire (Start!).

7, press "Lay down" and close the GUI by pressing "Esc" key.

8, Scud B Items will be loaded with the rocket by clicking on the center of the car body.

9, Repeat steps 4 to 8.

Driving a car
1, Confirm that Launch Pad and Fixed legs are stored.
If it is not stored, click the center of the car body to open the GUI and operate.
Operate "Capture", "Lay down", "Store" in order, and confirm that all are red.
After confirming, press "Esc" key to close the GUI.

2, Click the seat part on the left side of the body front and get on.

3, "W", "S", "A," "D" key, you can turn left and right around the body.

4, Get off the car with "Shift" key.





Future Plans

  • Add craft recipe
    Add sound
    More particles