Scroll of New Life

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Scroll of New Life (SoNL) was originally commissioned by the Rebirth of the Night (RotN) team for use in their modpack. This mod adds one item to the game: the Scroll of New Life; a simple, single use item that sets your spawn when you use it (in the Overworld only) to your current location. New players join the game with one of these items added to their inventory, and unless other mods like CraftTweaker are used, it's impossible to make another. While on the surface, this seems ridiculously simple, this scroll is smart. Anytime the spawn location in blocked, Minecraft will immediately try and spawn you randomly in the world with the message "your home bed was missing or obstructed". SoNL goes a step further though. If your spawn location is blocked, SoNL tries to find the next closest valid spawn point and spawn you there. It ALWAYS tries to get you AS CLOSE as possible to the original spawn point. It does so by efficiently checking X-Z coordinate pairs spiraling out from the original set spawn point, checking blocks both above and below for valid spawn locations. By default, it checks 20 (configurable) such X-Z pairs leading to a total of 60 checks overall (Current Y level, Y level above, and Y level below for each pair). If no valild spawn is found, SoNL lets Minecraft spawn you randomly. HOWEVER, if a valid spawnpoint is created in the search area and the player dies again, SoNL detects this and goes back to spawning the player as close as possible to their set "scroll spawn point". If the player uses another Scroll of New Life, their scroll spawn point is overridden. If the player sets their spawn point in any other way when they aren't dead, their scroll spawn point is disabled.


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