Screenshot Uploader

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Screenshot Uploader

This simple mod uploads any screenshots you take directly to Imgur and provides you with a link.

To take a screenshot and upload it to Imgur, simply press F12! (This can be changed in the Controls menu)

Don't want to upload the screenshot? Just use the default Minecraft screenshot button! (F2)


Forge -

Installation Instructions

(I recommend using MultiMC for managing mods)
Install Forge
Add ScreenshotUploader file to your mods folder
NOTE: This is a client side only mod, it is not required server side

Known Issues

Binding my screenshot key to F2 will take two screenshots

Planned Features

Ability to save Imgur links to a file locally or view a history of them
Add more image hosts as options





You are allowed to distribute this mod in your public or private mod pack so no long no revenue is generated in doing so


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