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Scooters Mod

A mod that adds kick scooters and electric scooters to Minecraft.

Alex riding a kick scooter on a road through the woods Lineup of a few scooters

This mod is required on both the server and the client.

To get going quickly, see the Quick Start Guide. For more information, see the User's Manual. If you still need help, check the Discord.


Handle bar uses a wool block, any color. The charging station only works with electric scooters, which themselves need Netherite Scrap to make.

Recipe for a Kick Scooter Recipe for an Electric Scooter Recipe for a Charging Station

But to ride a scooter, you need tires! Tires use wool and coal blocks in their construction.

Recipe for an unprocessed tire Recipe for repairing a broken tire Recipe for a ready-to-use tire Recipe for combining two tires


  • Fabric Loader or compatible
  • Fabric API or compatible


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