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This is an unofficial port of Vaelzan's mod Scenic to 1.16 as permitted by the MIT License.

The Mod ID has not been changed, and should work with older worlds.


Scenic adds a few new decorative blocks to accent the natural landscape, as seen in this old screenshot (by Vaelzan)


A selection of blocks from the mod.



There are two new shorter lengths of grass generated in the world, for when regular grass is just too tall!



There are three types of roots added to the world - two different length hanging varieties, and one that sticks out of the ground in forests. You can break them for sticks, or shear them to place them in your own landscaping.


Rocks + Caves

Scenic adds rock piles which can be expanded by placing more rocks onto them to get a varying size pile of rocks for your build. These can be created by placing Cobblestone into the Stonecutter as well as found in caves. Got spare rocks? Craft them back into Cobblestone with a 3x3 pattern.

Speaking of caves, Scenic also adds Stalagmites and Stalactites underground. These can be picked up with Silk Touch, or mined to obtain rocks.


Fish Bones

The bones of poor unfortunate fish can be rarely found along beaches. They can be harvested for a source of bones as an early source, or picked up with Silk Touch.


Changed in 1.16: Fish bones now use a regular old block model, fashioned in Blockbench.


New Blocks

Rocky Dirt, Mossy Rocky Dirt, and Mossy Gravel can now be among your arsenal when it comes to landscaping. Rocky dirt makes a fantastic block to scatter along the side of dirt ledges while the mossy blocks are fantastic near water.


New Brick Variants

Ever wondered why Minecraft has mossy and cracked stone bricks, but not red bricks? Now it has them!


New Lantern Variants

Lanterns can now be upgraded with stained glass panes to add sixteen new colours!