Scaling Wealth

830 Downloads Last Updated: May 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Scaling Wealth: What it Is:

Scaling Wealth is a small quality of life addon for Scaling Health, written by SilentChaos512. This mod (Scaling Wealth) allows you to specify custom loot drops for different types of mobs, based on the current difficulty of the game.


Why it Exists:

Scaling Health does allow you to specify loot drops based on loot tables, but not all mods use loot tables for their mob drops. Quite a few mods use other methods for determining which loot gets dropped. Because of this, Scaling Health cannot add mob drops for those mobs! To remedy this, Scaling Wealth adds it's own simplistic form of loot tables, which tell the game which additional items to drop based on the current difficulty of said mob (or the player who killed it!).


How to Use It:

Information on editing the mob drop entries can be found on the wiki.



Scaling Wealth requires Scaling Health (which has it's own dependency on SilentLib) and Forgelin in order to run.








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