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1,285 Downloads Last Updated: May 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

The Scalar Crew Has Been Compiling A List Of Some Features They Would Like Added To Minecraft That Are Both Decorative & Useful (Especially For Creating Modpacks)

This Mod Was Originally Meant To Be A Bunch Of Smaller Mods That We're Going To Be Released In A Pack Called The "Scalar Summer 2018 Slam", Yet This Opted Out Of In Favor Of One Large Mod That Would Be Easier To Manage


This Is Currently More "Proof Of Concept" Rather Than Functionality, As Such Some Versions Will Most Likely Be Unstable!

Development Is Currently Rotating On And Off Of Hiatus

This Runs On Forge Version 1.12.2 - (Minimum) All Older Versions Will Crash The Mod!

Nothing Is Yet Planned For 1.13 Or 1.14!


We Are Currently In The Process Of Potentially Splitting The Mod Into Two Or Three (Maximum Four) Separate Smaller Themed Mods That Would Be Easier To Maintain Without Breaking The Main Project

-Most Of The Project Will Stay In The Main Mod, But Some Things Like Crops, Machines, And Super Experimental Stuff Might Be Shifted To Other Projects


What Is Added So Far:

  • Scalar Anti-Blocks
    • Anti-Mesh (Used To Make Anti-Blocks) 
    • Blocks That Are Textured A Solid Color Of The Sixteen Minecraft Colors
  • Scalar Arsenal
    • Feather Falling Boots
      • Currently, Don't Work
    • Weapons:
      • Citrus Chief's Katana (Previously Citrus Chief's Claymore)
      • Frost Führer's Falchion
      • Turtle Tyrant's Trident
      • Little Brown's Little Blade
  • Scalar Camo-Lights
    • Camo Light (Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak) (Planks, Logs, Barks) Blocks Added
    • Camo Light (Stone & Stone Brick Variants) Blocks Added
  • Scalar Chicken Nuggets
    • Raw & Cooked Chicken Nuggets
      • Gold Ingots Have Gold Nuggets, Iron Ingots Have Iron Nuggets, Chicken Has Chicken Nuggets?
  • Scalar Crops
    • Flax
      • A Crop For String
  • Scalar Custom Alloys
    • Alloys In The Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, & Yellow
      • Blocks, Dust, Ingots, Nuggets, & Plates
  • Scalar End-Game Arsenal
    • Ender Armor 
    • Ender Star & Dragon Star
    • Shulker Shellmet (Shulker Shell Helmet)... Floating
  • Scalar Grilled Cheese
    • A Slice Of Cheese
      • A Shakinator (Twist) To Make Said Cheese
    • A Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Scalar Lumber
    • Paperwall
    • Timber (Horizontal & Vertical) Frames
  • Scalar Masonry
    • Andesite-Diorite-Granite Tiles
    • Reinforced Cobble, Stone
    • Encased Reinforced Cobble
  • Scalar Oddities
    • Artificial Slimeballs
      • A Craftable Slimeball Alternative
  • Scalar Shenanigans
    • Lemon Head Block
    • Scalar Block
  • Scalar Simple Toast
    • Flour & Toast
    • Sesame Seeds & Sesame Seed Toast
  • Scalar Simple Utility Creator
    • Simple Plug-In & Add Generic Items & Blocks For Modpacks
      • Scalar Civilization
        • Advanced & Basic Machine Casing Blocks
    • A Placeholder Item & Block
    • Placeholder Tools & Armor
  • Scalar Simple WorldGen - Currently Buggy, No WorldGen But Blocks Are In Game
    • Marble & Basalt Blocks
    • Quartz Ore
      • Drops Quartz Shards Which Could Be Crafted Into Nether Quartz
  • Scalar Tiny Coal
    • Tiny Coal & Tiny Charcoal
    • Double Coal & Super Coal
      • DC Smelts 16 Items & SC Smelts 64 Items
  • A Creative Tab
  • More Soon!


What Is To Be Added Next?

  • Scalar Anti-Blocks
    • Slabs & Stairs
      • This Is Farther Into The Future Than The Others
  • Scalar Camo-Lights
    • Many More Camo-Light Variants
      • These Are Easy To Do Just Time Consuming
  • And Much More



Feel Free To Use In A Modpack

I'm An Amateur If You Would Like To Help Me Please Message Me, Especially If You Are Gifted In Creating Configs

Also, Texture Artists Are Very Welcome, If You've Downloaded The Mod You See We Have Very Little Talent If Any When Creating Custom Textures

If You Have Ideas For The Mod Either Comment Them Below Or: 

If You Would Like To Formally Suggest Anything To Go Into The Mod Click This Link


Source Code:

-GitHub Will Not Be Updates Until A Major Version Of The Mod Is Released AKA (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.)


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