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Snow for power \0/ what more can you ask for? Well, maybe an actual description :D


Snow power contains a single machine that allows consuming snow for power. It does this by converting snow layer blocks in the world over time. And output power as long as there is snow above the machine. Ideally, you would build these machines in a cold biome that generates snow. This way the machines get refilled without any work required… aka free power for the lazy ones. Though you could use redstone along with other mods to automate the process.


In addition to this, all aspects of the machine can be customized by modpack makers. This includes power capacity, transfer rate, generation rate, and even some rng values to mix things up. This can be done using the config file/config GUI. 


  • Single block machine
  • Generates power
  • Outputs power to connected tiles
  • Outputs power through other snow generators (acting like wires)
  • Generates water (to be added later)
  • Highly customizable

Why the concept?

This was honestly made as a quick laugh/joke but has become a usable machine. The idea was to find a way to use snow in a cold biome to generate power. We had been joking around talking about solar power and other cool ideas. Then someone said just make a snow powered mod. We all laughed but then I remembered this works in real life. Not in the way you're thinking though, of actually using snow by itself to generate power. Instead with the concept of using heat flux in devices like a thermoelectric generator to make power. 


This works by having a strong difference in heat. Say for example ice and a candle put on opposite sides of an object. This object would be the generator which is normally made using two different metals. When heated on one side the difference in heat on the other side will produce a flow of energy. This energy can then be gathered for use in other devices. A simple concept that has led to some cool gadgets in real life.


The mod handles this a little different as Minecraft is not realistic plus has the advantage of magic. Normally in real life, your source of heat will be consumed over time, aka nothing for free. In the mod, we have combined some elements of magic to maintain the heat source. This then allows for the snow to act as the only consumed element of the system. It's not free power per say since you do convert snow into water. However, it's as close as you will see in a semi-realistic mod.

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