[SBM] Gas Can

1,824 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 26, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

Note: Gas Can requires VE-FluidHandling in order to function


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Gas can is a skin addon for VE-FluidHandler adding a new fluid container styled after a metal red gas can. Very simple but useful for role-playing modpacks.



This mod contains no items by itself but instead contains skin data for VE-FluidHandler to load. This means the mod only has container data, textures, and models. Everything else is handled by it's parent mod including bucket fill logic, empty logic, and placement logic. Which saves a lot of work, keeps the functionality consistent, and reduces the impact on the game.


  • Red gas can that can support any fluid
  • 3D model with 2D inventory icon

Planned Features

  • Ability to change the can color

Single Block Mod

The Single Block Mod series is dedicated to creating a wide range of simple single purpose mods. Focusing for most on having one block/unit of content refined to offer as many options and choices as possible. This makes many of the mods in the series perfect for filling gaps in modpacks. Allowing pack developers to reduce the need to include larger mods to complete a feature list. 


See our site for other mods in the series http://www.builtbroken.com/addons.html

Modpack Policy

No need to ask permission, but you still need to follow BBM's public modpack rules


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Issues or bugs

If you have any issues please report them to our issue tracker on Github.com. You can get to the issue tracker by clicking the issue button at the top of the mod page. If you do not see this button visit https://github.com/BuiltBrokenModding and navigate to the correct mod repository. If you have a crash report please paste it into a site like pastebin.com before submitting to improve readability of the issue ticket.


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