[SBM] Elevators

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This mod was created as a replacement for needing larger mods for simple teleportation blocks. The mod itself provides 16 colors of teleportation pads matching Minecraft style. The pads themselves work by jumping to go up and sneaking to go down. Using configs the pads can be changed to respect line of sight and match only to same color. Using both it is possible to stack elevators above each other of different colors to quickly bounce floors. 


Crafting recipe is wool around a pearl. Using recipe tweaker mods it is possible to change this to better fit your modpack. 



  • Basic block -> Allows teleporting up (jump) and down (sneak)
  • Redstone version -> if redstone is above 0 but under 7 it will teleport down, if above 7 will teleport up
  • Support for any entity type allowing moving minecarts, items, monsters, and other players
  • Can lock to line of sight using a config
  • Can lock to same color using a config
  • Can disable blocks if not needed
  • Can enable XP cost
  • Can change XP cost to scale by distance
  • Can recolor lifts by right clicking with dye items

Planned Features

  • Custom audio (we already had one but it was odd)
  • More configs


More mods may be created later to provide multi-direction and manually linked teleporters. We do not want to bulk the mod up by adding a ton of unique versions of the same block. Instead each will be released as a new mod focused on a specific modpack style. 



Q: Did you know <insert name> mod exists and has this feature?

A:  In most cases no nor do not care if it does. Our goal is to make mods for fun in our own style. Over time this mod will diverge from existing mods. If another mod has the feature cool. That will give players more options to select from when making modpacks.



Single Block Mod

The Single Block Mod series is dedicated to creating a wide range of simple single purpose mods. Focusing for most on having one block/unit of content refined to offer as many options and choices as possible. This makes many of the mods in the series perfect for filling gaps in modpacks. Allowing pack developers to reduce the need to include larger mods to complete a feature list. 


See our site for other mods in the series http://www.builtbroken.com/addons.html


Join us on Esper.net IRC #BuiltBroken #BuiltBrokenModding

or on Discord https://discord.gg/MDQ9DrN

Site -- Twitter -- Patron -- Youtube

Issues or bugs

If you have any issues please report them to our issue tracker on Github.com. You can get to the issue tracker by clicking the issue button at the top of the mod page. If you do not see this button visit https://github.com/BuiltBrokenModding and navigate to the correct mod repository. If you have a crash report please paste it into a site like pastebin.com before submitting to improve readability of the issue ticket.


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