Sauuuuucey's Ores

2,191 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 28, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4


SauuuuuceyCraft (or SC) is a compilation of all things I feel would make Minecraft more interesting to play through. The goal of these mods is to be expansive, but not too intrusive, as to maintain that vanilla flair and maintain a sense of realism.



Sauuuuucey's Ores adds new materials and ores to the game, in a realistic-esque fashion, to make the underground feel less empty while providing new ways to utilize ores into new tools and armors. How can it be called Minecraft when there's like 3 usable ores?¿



  • New ores & metals: ((tier 1 - aka stone): zinc, tin, copper, brass, bronze), chain links, ((tier 2 - aka Iron): tungsten, silver, steel), & ((tier 3 - aka diamond) platinum, cobalt, titanium)
  • New ores generate throughout the world at varying rarity
  • New armors & tools associated with the added metals with unique stats and values
  • Chain links made from iron in order to construct chainmail armors


Known Bugs (as of the latest version):

  • Endium ore not spawning in the end


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