Santa's Decor

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Uploaded by TheSatanicSanta
Uploaded Jul 15, 2014
Game Version 1.6.4
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  • NEW: Pillar Quartz blocks
    • Icy Pillar Quartz
    • Blaze Pillar Quartz
    • Slimy Pillar Quartz
    • Ender Pillar Quartz
    • Burnt Pillar Quartz
  • NEW Burnt Log and Burnt Plank
  • TWEAK/FIX: Changed Burnt Stone and Quartz recipes to crafting recipes using coal, due to conflicts with Project Red and Extra Utilities, and probably others.
  • TWEAK: Changed all bricks, chiseled bricks, chiseled quartz, etc. recipes to match burnt ones
  • TWEAK: Changed plank recipes to 1 log = 4 planks
  • TWEAK: Added recipe for Burnt Cobblestone
  • TWEAK: Mining Burnt Stone no longer gives Burnt Cobblestone.