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Filename SanLib-1.12.2-1.5.1.jar
Uploaded by SanAndreasP
Uploaded Dec 30, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 388.40 KB
Downloads 170,928
MD5 1a3adeb7cab685904b6a04f6c1cab9f5
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • SanLib command is now a client command, as it only allows for model reloading anyway (also it's now called "/sanlibc")
  • added ILexiconGuiHelper#getEntryButtonList() and ILexiconGuiHelper#getGuiButtonList()
  • deprecated globalButtons and entryButtons parameters from ILexiconPageRender#initPage(...)
  • if the links parameter is null in ILexiconGuiHelper#drawContentString(...) the links will be rendered as regular text
  • lexicon entries can now define their own language key for the title
  • items and mouseover effect should render correctly now when scaling is not a whole number when using LexiconGuiHelper#drawItemGrid(...)
  • added ILexicon#getNavButtonOffsetY()
  • added MiscUtils#getTimeFromTicks(...) with secondsPrecision parameter to customize output, old method now has a precision of 2 (0.00 seconds) instead of 1 (0.0 s)
  • ModelJsonLoader now implements ISelectiveResourceReloadListener instead of IResourceManagerReloadListener
  • fixed lexicon search page positions on certain GUIs
  • reset page renderer to the empty one once you go back to the entry/group list
  • config now uses new annotation-based method
  • a random splash text is now written in the window title on load (like Terraria)
  • added MiscUtils#defIfNull(...) with functional interface (supplier) as def parameter
  • jar is now signed
  • added @Init interface for config to declare initializer methods regardless of their name, also initializer methods can be called within the config classes themselves now
  • added call(...) and between(...) methods to MiscUtils
  • Tuple.compareTo(...) will now immediately return 0 if parameter is the instance itself
  • lexicon group buttons are now further spread out, also they'll now respect the entry position
  • added method to get list of matching recipes for an item
  • deprecated LexiconRenderCraftingGrid and ILexiconEntryCraftingGrid, they're not needed anymore and now existing methods for rendering recipes provide way more flexibility
  • deprecated ILexiconEntryFurnace
  • lexicons can now have their own language subfolder
  • fixed LexiconRenderStandard not render pages properly
  • added textures and models to my player model for EnderIO and Botania terrasteel armor
  • fixed some arm and item locations on my player model