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Filename sandwichable-1.1__1.15.x.jar
Uploaded by FoundationGames
Uploaded May 25, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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MD5 fa6144857723d9dea0e84689337c1ffb
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1.1 Content Update!


-3 new cheese types

-Cheese culture

-Cucumber and onion crops and seeds

-Cucumbers and onions

-Chopped onions, carrots, beetroot

-Cooked chopped onions, carrots, beetroot, tomato (cooked on campfire)

-Pickle Jar

-Salt, salt rock

-Salty sand (found in beaches/oceans)

-Redstone Desalinator (used to extract salt from ocean/beach water)

-Pickled cucumbers, pickle chips

-Mayonnaise and sweet berry jam

-Apple slices, golden apple slices, enchanted golden apple slices

-New texture for Pork Cuts

-Information tooltips for every item

-Config options for world gen and information tooltips

-Incomplete patchouli guidebook (open to PRs for suggestions for the book)

-Dropped support for the wiki in favor of in-game information (wiki also open to contribution)

Bug fixes:

-Various crashes caused by items with null tags

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