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Filename sandwichable-v1.0.2--1.15.x.jar
Uploaded by FoundationGames
Uploaded Apr 13, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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MD5 746087604586d25cc796db830a49dc42
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-Cheese can now be placed in a basin

-Fermenting milk can be removed from a basin and stored in a Fermenting Milk Bucket

-Shrubs slowly die when placed on sand

-Items can be cut with a knife in the off-hand

-Brand new textures for tomato/lettuce crops, items, and seeds (to replace the rushed textures in previous versions)

-New icon

-German translation, thanks to ACGaming56 (More translations would be much appreciated!)


-Rewrites to the basin's code, in prep for future updates

-Basins from previous versions are converted to "1.0.2 basins", code-wise. This will not affect anything, but this conversion feature may be removed in future updates, meaning that this update must be loaded to ensure future compatibility.

Bug fixes:

-Sandwich consumption entirely broken

-Food items may have far too much saturation

-Breaking a toaster/cutting board while using OptiFine crashes the game

-Exploding toasters create particles

-No lang file name for crops and potted shrub

-Sandwiches with chorus fruits do not have cooldowns, making them far too overpowered

-Placed sandwiches/on the sandwich table are off-center

-Items placed on Sandwich Table/cutting board lose all item attributes (enchantments, etc)

-Basins with cheese in them did not drop the item when broken

About Demeter:

There is a known issue with Demeter and other crop-adding mods, where modded crops crash the game when ticked. Unfortunately, this issue is Demeter's issue, and a "patch" for it is not included in this update.