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塩MOD 追加されるもの 
  ・圧縮塩ブロック=塩を圧縮する塩圧縮ブロックを追加する、531441まで圧縮し焼くと…                                   塩岩盤ブロックになる、更に圧縮すると…

        v 松明銃明るい松明追加!!

        v SaltCraftとIC2の連携Modアイテム二つ追加。


           塩製造機Mod作成中!  少し待っててください!


           他のレシピについて NEIを使ってくれればうれしいです




Salt MOD Additions
  ・ Salt rock equipment Equipped with salt rock mass equipment with high cost.                                                 And there is a sword.
  ・ Hand-rolled = fried rice taste, salt tongue taste.
  ・ Compression salt block = add salt compression block to compress salt,compress and bake                         compression531441...Become a salt rockblock, further compress it ...
  ・ Food = salt pan, boiled eggs.

        v Torch gun and bright torch added

        v Two collaboration Mod items of SaltCraft and IC2 are added.
      Removed test blocks.

           Under construction of salt production machine Mod! Please wait for a while!

          The recipe for is here!

          About other recipes  I am glad to use NEI

  I deleted the previous data and made it new !!


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