Rustic Witchcraft

152,773 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 31, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Rustic Witchcraft License: MIT

Rustic Witchcraft is a mod aiming to provide compatibility between Bewitchment and Rustic by adding new decorative blocks and functional alcohols.


  • Cypress Chair
  • Dragon's Blood Chair
  • Elder Chair
  • Juniper Chair
  • Cypress Table
  • Dragon's Blood Table
  • Elder Table
  • Juniper Table


  • Gin: Strength
  • Elderberry Wine: Magic Resistance and Fire Resistance
  • Absinthe: Night Vision
  • Sage Liqueur: Fertile Feet. New effect, bonemeals blocks around the player!

Special Thanks

Credit to mangoose for making Rustic!

Credit to MrCrayfish for the use of his model maker and for the .json files it provided.

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