Rustic Thaumaturgy

1,016,327 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 21, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This project is on an indeterminately long hiatus. I can no longer provide support for any issues.




A Cross-Compatability mod that adds Rustic furniture crafted with Thaumcraft wood, as well as aspects to Rustic's items.


Version 2.0 adds 3 new Alcohols to Rustic's brewing system, as well as Thaumonomicon research to unlock new farm-able reagents to create said alcohol.


Version 2.7 adds a new golem, the Ironwood Golem!  About as sturdy as Greatwood, but trades weight for blast resistance.


Version 3.0 adds Essentia Crystal Sconces: Decorative light sources that act as infusion stabilizers.


Version 4.0 adds brass fixtures.


Drink away your flux-induced worries!


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-MrCrayfish- For the use of his model creator,

-WolfieWaffle- For the source code inspiring this mod,

-TheRealestStu- For his help on discord as well as his work in adding TC Aspects to the mod.



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