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A partial port of part of CadaverousEris's mod Rustic from Minecraft 1.12, to 1.17, with lots of changes and new stuff. CadaverousEris wants to port some of the stuff from their mod themselves, so I'm only porting the stuff they don't want to bring forwards. This mod aims to add more rural, medieval themed content. All recipes should unlock in the recipe book once you get their main component, as with most vanilla recipes.


  • Apple Trees! Grown from apple seeds, which can be crafted from apples. Grow a mixture of oak and apple leaves, according to a config setting. Apple leaves grow apples, that can be harvested via right click, with a configurable chance of giving golden apples. When broken, they have a chance to drop apple saplings. Can be grown 1x1 or 2x2, and can be found in apple orchard, medium apple orchard, and mega apple orchard biomes.
  • Great oak and grand birch trees! Grow these by planting their vanilla saplings 2x2, or find them in great oak forest or grand birch forest. Great Oak trees have their leaf decay distance significantly increased.
  • Crossed Logs! Craft these from sticks, planks, stakes, or logs. They look like a campfire, except with the logs more evenly spaced and without the ash. Function like slabs, and can be combined with stakes. Come in normal and vertical varieties.
  • Stakes! Craft from sticks, planks, or logs. Can be placed along any axis, or combined with crossed logs.
  • Craft Rooted dirt! Use four blocks dirt and five blocks hanging roots in a checkerboard to get 5 rooted dirt.
  • Covering blocks with leaves! Right click on fences, walls, lanterns, chains, stairs, slabs, scaffolding, crossed logs or stakes to put leaves on top of them, for making overgrown builds. Does not cover full sides of blocks, so you should be able to decorate your roof with this and not have the leaves showing inside.
  • Apple Cores! Eat an apple, get a core. Can be composted, or crafted into seeds to be planted. Or maybe used to decorate a pig sty build or something, I suppose.


  • 3x3 Trees! Gonna add 3x3 Oak and Dark Oak trees. Might also go for 2x2 Acacia? And 3x3 spruce?
  • Chilis! Going to port this feature from Rustic. Must be planted on stakes, grow two or three blocks high and can be harvested with right click. Chilis can be eaten raw, combined with steak for bowls of chili, or combined with golden nuggets for Golden Chilis, which also have a configurable chance to drop on harvest. Eating chilis raw or in golden variants does a little damage, and the golden variant also sets you on fire - but provides a few seconds of fire resistance, and maybe some other buffs. Golden variants can be fed to blazes to tame them, though if in the overworld, they will need to be fed regular chilis regularly or go into hibernation. Chilis will also be useful for several fire related potions.
  • Hanging Vegetables! Chilis, to start with, and then maybe garlic and onions, if I either add those or decide to add compat with other mods?
  • Charcoal piles? Not sure yet, but I'm thinking of adding charcoal piles like those in Forestry.
  • Pickling and canning? Decorative jars of food, with a secondary edible use?
  • Drying rack?

I might port this to fabric eventually, but I have no plans to port it to previous versions of minecraft. Others are welcome to do so, though they should probably also get permission from CadaverousEris to use their assets from Rustic if they do.

Special Thanks

*CadaverousEris, for letting me port their project and use their assets.

*EpicNecromancer, for modelling help.

*Commoble, for help with lots and lots of code.

*Aestate Cactus, for help with configs.

*Gigaherz, for help with dynamic baked models.

*Ironsnake345, who got the project started, if nothing else. :V

They made all of this much, much easier.