Runic Dungeons

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In this mod, you will find in temples a rare artifact.

This artifact, known as 'Magic Chalk' appears to have strange qualities.

You wonder what it could possibly be used for...


Your adventure begins!


How to Use:

Find a Magic Chalk in a JungleTemple or DesertTemple.

Craft a Magical Staff.

Create one of the portals: 


Right-Click one of the Chiseled Stone Bricks in the structure with the Magical Staff in your hand.

A Structure will form.    

Right-Click on the Portal in the middle of the Structure to travel to the Runic Dungeons.

Once there, you can Right-Click the portal again to leave the dimension.

Right-Clicking on Keyholes with Dungeon Keys will open them.

Each dungeon room has a hidden Dungeon Key. DON'T WASTE THEM.

Battle Mobs, Collect Loot, and EXPLORE!



Magical Chalk – Allows you to travel to the Runic Dungeons

Dungeon Key – Used to Unlock Dungeon Keyholes



This mod has integration with Azanor’s Baubles. These items will only work if you have Baubles installed, but it is not required to obtain these to progress in the mod. However, I recommend you add it, as they are quite cool.


Amulet of the Wind - Gives you Speed

Amulet of the Earth - Give you Haste

Amulet of Strength - Gives you Strength

Amulet of Leaping - Gives you Jump Boost

Amulet of Healing - Gives you Regeneration

Ironskin Amulet - Gives you Resistance

Amulet of the Blaze - Gives you Fire Resistance

Amulet of the Ocean - Gives you Water Breathing

Amulet of the Night - Gives you Night Vision



Dye Belts - Change the color of any wool/dye in your inventory to whatever the color of the belt it (BUGGY)

Arrow Belt - Any arrow on you has a small chance of falling off and you getting the arrow.

Belt of Flight - Gives you Flight

Ender Belt - When you take damage, you will teleport away. (Except in the Runic Dungeons dimension)



Off We Go! - Create a Runic Dungeons portal

The Key to Progress! - Use a Dungeon Key


Modpack Permissions:

Go ahead! No need to ask!

Although I would love if you did tell me but it's not required.



Creative Commons License
Runic Dungeons by MrComputerGhost is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.