RuneCraft Repoured

183 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 24, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2




RuneLight is a lightweight version of the RuneCraft mod. 
I created this mod because some people just want to have a survival version of RuneCraft. This mod is totally different of course because its a survival version.
There is no leveling system just simple craftable items and armours to wear and mobs to slay.

The mod overriding some basic vanilla recipes and will in the future. Please be patient with the updates and if you found some bug please tell me about it! 



The mod actually add the fishing features from Runescape and many many more like armors, treasure hunter scrolls, weapons, a new dimension with new biomes for Gilneior, advancements and many many mobs.
Because the mod overriding some of the basic recipes it will be much more harder to craft some things but you can earn much more. 


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