2,517 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 22, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +1

This is a Runescape mod without a level system. If you want to try the one with extended features and with a level system click HERE

This version have been made to purerly enjoy the vanilla game with additional runescape content. 



The original mod has been made for version 1.12.2 and it had no level system. The new version has been made for 1.19.2 and has no level system too. 
I've decided to continue the development and finish the 1.12.2 version and continiously update the 1.19.2 version alongside with it. Both versions can be downloaded under this mod page but beware because their content is not equal to each other, the newer version has less content than the old. 
For both mods the default texture resolution is 32x so its preferred to use a same scaled texture pack. 





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